[Books and reading: how to write a book draw attention

There is the opportunity recently to announce the book in various media. It touched a little ingenuity, you received the “shape seems to be your” is transmitted.

Book tips

Why chose the book or the book purchased where?

Writing about the connection of your book to review and Just write the thoughts and content of the book only becomes book similar to the others.
“Waiting room for Psychosomatic Medicine visited quite decided to shelf lined up were” “wants to sell this book, I’m absolutely ‘ ass’ men working part-time booksellers wrote this book pop hard while declaring that,” “lay to sleep in Kyoto bookshop shelves. Was 100 yen “
The appearance of your hands to take the book, writing in such a way it floats in the reader’s eye.
Depiction of their most stricken heart and character, scene writing Center
Write all good scene lost settlement. Concentrated on things you most attracted to first sentence to write that I come across.
And who draw pictures of their image character of the story, illustrations to put…
Blog only, and do this in the novel quite draw interest. Would be interesting to be visually rhythm. You can already read the book, people can enjoy.
And think how age, gender, work, social backgrounds who have read funny?

The book “read happiness come たっと is” that writes about the people
May say that everyone receiving books, none. For example “or continue to work or quit obsessing thirties woman read good” “the cat’s death, has hurt his chest still hope for the hand” “and secretly reading women feel embarrassed their sexual strength is good”
Said the writing and easy-to-have will interest its audience.


What I want to empathy and excitement and a lot of people about the book I thought my good.
May also find the notice when reading while writing the book, “new discovery”. Have devised variously, try writing fun.


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