How to see my favorite dream

“You want to see my favorite dream! 」…
Oh my God who yearns to form.
Seems hard, but is to exist how can control their dreams.
The method is called lucid dreaming.
When seeing dreams and lucid dreams is a technique to control the dream can be conscious of it freely.
Trained lucid dreams be like many said. Do you try all means lower training methods it?

Keep a diary every day dream recall.

You must realize first lucid dream’s dream.
So, to become like recalled dream well, morning soon 記しましょう the dream diary.
: Remember: only in fragments.
Gradually understood feature of their dreams.
Also remember the dream is quite thin. May disappear in great alarm sound, alarm is not as much as possible it is better.

Increase the awareness of dreams

寝ましょう with strong consideration “dream remember the saying” dream look! “. You can no longer thinks fit or easily forgotten dreams, and dreams to realize.

“To see” strongly conscious sleep.

On the verge of sleep until is strongly considered “-see”.
Wanted to say how conscious dream before flying began to show some good.
Flying dreams is dream dreams other than notice seems likely. Before going to bed 寝ましょう while imagining scenes you like flying, repeating the word “sky flying!”.

Decision went realize dreams and start moving!

Becomes as recognizable, have seen their dream dream let’s move go right, go left.
To practice change direction were flying dreams fly up and down or left and right direction. They want to see my dream to win the game and when possible it is dating Ocean dream take control of the dream.


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