Had a negative term, afford popular mind

At Cup of water has decreased up to half of the “other half” and “yet half” of is two words. The same word as affected by different impression. This difference in mental is greater interaction.

When deadlines approached after 1 hour, use either “yet is 1 hour” and “another 1 hour, but not”? Is “still” is the difference between mere expression, is caught positively “anymore” and feeling even more reluctant, would be filled with it.
Potential using negative words from the usual wording, and the habit of running away was left, about and even thrown away.
Negative way of speaking it can afford without feelings, is based on failure.
It is brought up strong spirit from the usual reverse repeat positive way of speaking, give up until the end. If If you repeatedly negative way of speaking, let’s start with stop such objection change in a positive way. Feelings are changing from Word.


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