How to remember the name of the person

For those who remember the names of people who are poor are tricks.

Those who know their

Character or know their name or are similar to the celebrity, Kanji is different, no one sounds like or.
Recall so if people know their faces, together let’s input to the head. During this time met I can output looking for from there and was a name similar to someone who saw the face of the opponent, first of all that I know, and.

Question about the name

When exchanging business cards with try question name also surname, or when you first hear the name of the person and often heard the name.
Is my thoughts about Chinese say it is not just a question.
It is easy to remain in memory is that people said about kanji name is often mistaken for, or the origin of the name, is used. Is content with topics that face and Kanji to be remembered that name comes.

Remember as a picture

It is often children to memorize what you see and hear many pictures and video.
It is memorable and remember, image, color and image form throughout.
May be rude person who remember joined opponents characterized as mnemonics only his name is ideas. Input the image character applied name after mark beard or eyebrows, pig’s illustrations and notes marked the emoticons used in mobile phones and personal computers. It will be recalled.

Chinese character characteristic

In the feature’s name in kanji, you can then recall.
Also at first 思い出せなくて and you input in the full name of the character can be kikkake. Their favorite things and relate to places and things in the name, and is also one way hold such points.


I think having someone interested, make knot memory threads associate something in that story, I’m sure where from there can.


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