Moving packing tips

When packing, moving, is attention points


First of all, let’s empty contents ago moving. Frost melted and the water leaving it wet until other luggage.
Or late the day before, at least until about 6 hours ago disconnect the outlet will open all doors. It is with Frost in the freezer for a suspect.
Also, so many dirty fridge, soy sauce, or leaked, always nice to let cleaning ago moving.
Moving shop will have on the day of the large including refrigerator, do not forget to unpack all you disconnect the outlet let.


I think PC is what home recently. Box at time of purchase of any keep it there when moving. If not will packing moving company. Even impossible, without packing, 任せましょう professional moving companies.
But in rare data loss may occur during transportation, such as the fodder for a backup.


The tableware packing at take time isn’t or? Special cushioning Miller mat and it may be 包みましょう every single newspaper.
カチャカチヤ sound, seems to shake the finished packed boxes stuffed with newspaper, such as clearance to contents 暴れない let’s twist.
Tableware, there tend to be heavier, use smaller boxes keep and properly referred to as ワレモノ. In doing so, is also moving company carefully treated me.


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