How can I tell a lie of opponent

People to lie to, is to unconsciously and win the hand faces.
Because defense instinct to protect their works. “Don’t tell the real thing!

And, is covering the face unconsciously by hand.
When opponents to lie to a certain pattern exists.
Will this pattern, Intuitive “suspicious fellow!!
“And you can feel it. Please come and put head corner.

Pattern when you lie

0 “Pocket to put”
Attendants to lie and hide their gesture to
 $ “Body rock-attitude change”
How the distorted mind about lying.
Incidentally, at that with meditation, is because the mind is distorted body would shake.
 0 “Say repeating the same thing.” It repeat again description to match the same thing, and “I wonder if those things?
“And will be convinced.
 0 “More blink of an eye”
When lying, so tense blink more.
 0 “Bull to be”
The bull to be 押し切ろう lies.
 0 “Down there”
And penetrate the lies that I しんど, is a sign away want to leave from the market
 10,000 “Increased nod”
 Conversation stops and speaker may lie….
And nod of increases, subconsciously, to advance the conversation smooth.
In addition,
0 “Reaction is violent”
“And quickly answer questions against a”
0 “Than you need to watch”
10,000 “Words and facial expressions are different”

Such as is.
This person… something fishy! I thought, I do believe your instincts.


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