When the PC does not work

Cured PC troubles are done yourself is cheaper. But I do not know what went wrong. So let’s take when symptoms. It may be surprisingly easily cured

Power relations

No power.
This of course is extraordinary power.
Check the first outlet is powered, or power cord in plug body properly. Anomalies in the power cable may not be a spare if you try.
If you start the preliminary is the anomaly of the cable. If pluck repair shop if the cable and outlet was bought. The power supply is not a place like fiddling with amateur.

Screen video

First, let’s display and body connection.
If connected properly, display, or body anomalies is likely. If there is a secondary display connected there to find out. So if it reflects is a display glitch.
Repairing or buying 換えましょう. Video if you’re a graphic Board is possible. If on-board and anomalies the motherboard may not. It is cheaper if you can replace the motherboard and graphics card do for yourself. If you’re not obedient to pluck the repair. Repair costs higher is price graphics card or motherboard costs somewhat.

Startup error, blue screen

The noise from the hard disk? If so you’re most likely hard disk failure.
You need to replace the hard disk, including installation of OS. If abnormal without hard disk, and memory anomalies might not. If memory has named two difference to unplug one, see. You may also use a memory check for free too?.


If If the warranty period is reassuring quietly began to repair. Support is depending on the manufacturer various earned to lend a substitute during the repair. Best pick where to buy when price good put somewhat well for some it may be.


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