Gas saving of bath

Bath will be starting costly gas prices at any time. We teach you gas saving methods can be a little mind.

Boil as hot tub filled with water first, let’s start temperature up.
Put some bottles of water in this case bevel increases can save water.
Only such trivial ideas and saves gas prices every day.
Temperature rise is three times as daytime temperatures, because the water tub before summer,
Gas is about 8 Yen cheaper.
With daytime temperatures over 30 degrees especially if is still efficient.
So remains full of water when water temperature fall fast winter temperature is low temperature than to reverse the Immediately before the heat and let to put water tub.
And, that calculates the meal time and relax, bath callers quickly to bathe.
I boiled long-awaited, like TV is not as is a waste of gas.
It is to raise the temperature of 3 degrees, and final lap cost approximately ¥ 8.

Entering the final lap without continues the family so you say. Let’s also put peculiarity when rising from the bath to prevent low-temperature to the bathtub lid.



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