To conserve power air conditioning?

Consumption power of number of familiar consumer electronics is air conditioning. And said, “If you’re approaching without.
Heat cold is bearable “that’s is not saved.
Body to endure the heat season is not well.
Also on stage endures after savings nor is nothing. If using air conditioning to minimize power a little what to do.

First guard curtains or window blinds firmly.

From 20-30% of the heat comes into the room through Windows tempers out, 10% from the room is.
Also put drawers and chest under the air conditioning is a secret to heating and cooling efficiency.

Wind from the air conditioning airflow to is.
Summer temperature if higher once the winter low once also.
Once in approximately 10% of power and electricity for one year to the savings of nearly 2000 yen.
You can tweak comfort decrease wear of degree temperature changes if this.
Also makes a difference to the chill by fans with summer. Turns the fan air conditioning wind like pervades throughout, feels like temperature difference temperatures the same settings.
That off-season, you unplug from the wall outlet.
Even without using the air conditioning consumes small amount of electricity is. Pull the plug only can save approximately 300 yen per year.




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