How to get plastic bags for the Super Compact

The bag of supermarkets and convenience stores is often used is
I think what it collected and surprising many.
Notice it bulky bags and drawers inside. Introduce how to get it together such bags to compact.

Materials required

  • Plastic bags have supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • Wrap the spent core or barrel-shaped potato chip case


  1. Fold plastic bags into potato chips and a rap-core case size.
    After is wrap if portrait to collapse in 6-8 equal parts, and it rolled from the end of the round and easy mounting. About decent small tie the bag in case of potato is OK.
  2. “If Rap core >
    We stuffed with during smaller bags from one side.
    Even if it’s and lid come out so comparatively packed in tight. When I shove from either end, they easily from the other side.
  3. “If in the case of the potato >
    Suitable we stuffed inside the case. So can lid, it knocked down is safe.
  4. If you wear a difficulty organizing it scattered rubber bands etc., case 片付きます in one-stone.

Notes and tips

  • Dried, wipe the inside wettish and once it is easy to use during powder because I like the case of potato.


You might organize contents such as drawers, also not want to leave stock bag too many-core rap,
Keep the lid on stock lot some potato chips case is recommended if you want. Also, decide and boldly, throw plastic bags to fit stock zshin later sukkiri!


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