[Comic] adults also enjoy cartoon “Master Keyton”

Seem children reading comics and what? It does not have. Is there even a lot of work is rewarding enough to enjoy adult.

‘Master Keyton’ is an archaeologist and insurance investigator, hiraga Keaton Taichi is lecturer in University of any hero. The owner is has worn straw sandals of the third leg already this hero, exotic that once belonged to the military career. But that looks not thought will thing everyone even uncle because….
That interesting so far this works anyway deeply thought-provoking.
It tricks like, such as age and to entertain you think relationships, until, it is also interesting. So far, and to think, rather intense human drama and drama? Anyway the misreading of Nice.
Not will somewhat as children reading for the flavor of adult-oriented cartoons,. As if middle school, high school, it is understood this interest?
Now as a full version of journal of the A5 version of the page was fully reproduce color 2, 4 has been published.

It is somewhat pricey, so there is no loss of keep hands. Amazon.co.jp widgets


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