How to draw manga story and characters

Is the most important thing is a story in comics? Or maybe it’s a character?

In the comic is the most important thing, it’s anime > story would be. It’s goes from being manga entertainment. If you talk about perfection as a story in the Belles-Lettres, please,?.
Is it really? Good character and sweet story… It might be popular in this.
The iconic ones speak MoE put it, represented as four daily series, I will. Tidbit from female characters popular shonen even strongly, to the content of the story is not discontinued even other already it’s nothing.
However, and vice versa. If empathy is essential character story concentrated and, how well continue reading most of the readers. That won’t keep seeing some asshole out purposely.
However, this character makes remember things much more difficult than the story it is.
Characters not hated and draw the characters alive, even as as likable as it enters the so or such thoughts. And does not eliminate whatever is quite difficult.
Nonetheless, important than the story characters. Why not draw?


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