Black Jack manga should be read once

One of the representative works of Tezuka Osamu manga God said, ‘black jack’. Long than produced novels depicts a man.

As the God of comics one of the prestigious Tezuka Osamu’s masterpiece, ‘black jack’. As to the origin of the medical drama and completed masterpiece is. Will be so strong adult head thinks nice if reading the novel it is difficult to みせつけ masterpiece.
You don’t mention the synopsis.
Is a medical drama that promises it cured Black Jack is a unlicensed medicine an inordinate amount surgery. Medical drama though, in fact not like surgery to struggling so much.
Story of squabbles within the hospital there, what the subject is far more no. Many are often portrayed human drama of the patient or the doctor. However, there’s best attractions. It is around 20 pages which contain narrative that portrays the essence of human opponents, such as the drama to 2 hours or so.
The lamentable Tezuka Osamu couldn’t draw a ‘Blackjack’? Tezuka Osamu, it ended series without drawing everything under pressure, such as civic organizations with antipathy, treat illness that originally had many more ideas from. Talk while and during series also changed the wording included in the book, not even included in the book.
Sees that masterpiece hands again while taking such circumstances back, but why? widgets


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