To make it the new pen tip

When you draw a cartoon script with pen (pen ink Insert nib pen axis to) with point wanting attention.

Because ink is prone to “deceive” are not careful with freshly grated new nib now intact, should not be. Ink ball falls in the manuscript and wrote a long-awaited effort until it will spoil.
So with “fire” when is good.
New writer’s pen to. Chobits of only a few get あぶって part. Ink is easy to paste pen alone. I’m lost by Abra pen manufacturing process with baking.
Also, do burn when using 小筆 ( fills a range with black ink ) solid, and as a new brush to brush everything will be easy to use.
However burning is really just a little bit careful. From small parts will become 塗れなく.


Is painted old cartoons with ink, Indian ink pen and now various pen because the might of unusual people draw the script in such a way. Moderately helpful please.


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