I know scary story “Kokkurisan”

I know urban legend and would introduce a scary story

Kokkurisanwhat do you know play it more.
Write Torii at the top middle of the piece of paper and left the “Yes”
Right “no” and write under an alphabetical from “Oh” “until we write in order. And place the ball part of Torii 10 yen and put the finger on the “Kokkurisan more” and recites three times and 10 yen gem, “Kokkurisan more” is a shelter from question to answer.
( town way by the local community is like ) This play is pressed hands in the Middle though “Kokkurisan more” is said and not let her go, or interrupt the curse befall.
Explore light-hearted and playful or so strongly to do it. The “Kokkurisan” and is listen to a story a friend of mine tried.
Going to school there, and I friends a “Kokkurisan what more do you know?
“And my ears have heard the rumors that had “Know” he said.
Then a “If I’m trying to do today and I think you know way tell? If so let’s work together.
」 We have said.
I believe (a spiritual) of such type was
“It was that from dangerous really dangerous stow ‘d” refuse invitation.
1 Weeks since coming to school A is no longer the next day.
Because bath house broken and, going to a bathhouse left feel home.
Arrived in bath and wash head back suddenly “Your * * * **” and has heard the voice which does not understand. “I’m?
“And thinking and looking back Don’t hit the head, right behind me?
Think long distance has A face! Ignoring my startled a open-air baths.
I also head headed to bath. A telling something screams wow moment opened the door to the bath.
I’m just surprised more Close the door to the bath and fled towards the dressing area. A then began beating up glass door is a partition and bath while wow glare here look. It is the time and leaving clothes outside dash thoughts and let’s scare soon felt such A.
“Bali ~~~~~~~~ NG”
And is split glass doors!
Glares I turned bloody while A face scared much doubt one of the world to remember.
“Your * * * **” finally sounded clearly My head is A
“Because of you.”
Is saying.
As well as A school come from it and we have no idea what happened to hear another friend (s), “Kokkurisan from doing more amusing now seems to be” and wanted to say. I’ve experienced that is not understood well advised and reverse the shameful without even taught the way I have to have this why resenting any Kokkurisan was the most frightening experience learn more


This play is like a kind of hypnosis seems so susceptible to hypnotism and how gullible do you see. You may invite a little playful serious results


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