[Fishing] rockfish hole fishing instructions

Introducing the snow towards rockfish.


  1. Scorpion fish is a fish that you can fish all year round, the best ねらい目 is from late spring and spring season. First available ESA. Is such as moabi, アオイソメ, stone lugworms, mackerel and Pike fillets.
  2. Select the location read. Until lingcod and also put a hole must inject ESA, often lurking in the back of the hole in the fence and stone masonry RETs. Rockfish is a nocturnal, so that hole during the daytime there is.
  3. Explores the short rod with a hole in the front and at the feet. After the launch gimmick ringtones with a slight bottom a little lower. During that moment and arrive at the bottom of the so as per come easy, try to note let.
  4. Lighten up on, turn on the invitation. Deep hole if wait per sunk further back.


Big ones, Scorpion fish, even smaller ones with miso soup and fried fish and joined boiling. Come try the?.


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