[Fishing] procedure of lingcod fishing

Lingcod fishing to introduce.


  1. Lingcod are fish can spring from late autumn. So large come berth at asaba, is ねらい目’s biggest winter to spawn.
    Please note too stuck lurking at the back of the hole too cold day. First prepare the food. イワムシ, moabi, アオイソメ a good idea. I think and are expensive but イワムシ is the best.
  2. The next! So lurking in place of the hole in the fence and stone masonry RETs, don’t 送り込まなければ feeding hole put as much as possible. Movement is stopped ねらい目 early in the morning and evening.
  3. Use short pole and explore the holes in the feet and side. After the launch gimmick ringtone upholstered in bottom somewhat lower. During that moment and arrive at the bottom of the concentrated so per come easily, and try.
  4. Gently lift per comes the teaser. Deep hole if you wait per further sank the gimmicks.

Notes and tips

  • Can one hole is limited, can find a lot of holes is important.


It is colder, plenty eat sashimi, fried tempura, try come encounter lick fishing, is why? It is delicious taste similar to cod!


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