[Fishing] sabiki fishing steps

Sabiki fishing is recommended fishing to beginners so you can easily get very angry crowd tool is aligned with the easy to hit,.


  1. First, let’s create a gimmick. And sabki needle-point No. 2 around ISO poles put the basket with. If you put the basket on gimmicks if Linus type weight under the gimmick at the bottom please type weight with basket.
  2. Let’s read location. ➢ mackerel embankment overlooking the ocean, including more than 20 cm. Are often subject swarm around early in the morning and evening.
  3. Basket stuffed with オキアミコマセ, and introduced the gimmick. Just got a little しゃくって light comes out of the cage, and wait per, so catching and eating.

Notes and tips

  • Think soft pole to pole, and the camel toe better.


Sabiki fishing very easily started, first time easy hanging. Please try to challenge.


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