[Fishing] de shabera fishing tips

Bella fish inhabiting warm waters around the world, Japan waters, is near the Northeast shore of Honshu South.
Especially often in the Seto Inland Sea, is a popular fish cooking in the Kansai region.
Is sometimes treated as a high quality fish. Is the fish, say however even abandoned in situ “feed read” or “gedou Gakkai” and even called in the Kanto region, and the difference in treatment.

Bella has various types and loved fishing, is キョウセンベラ. Aiming well in spinning and autumn from early summer.
Fishing tackle is used itâ similar Japanese whiting sillago japonica fishing reel and disregarding.
Fed to small for the mouth of small fish, and dragged the Aomori YANAGI, fumbling, do not miss even small Atari is de shabera fishing tips.
When fed “isomer” and good eating, about one centimeter to decrease the trash. Bad eating when 2 ~ want to put the trash to 3 centimeters long.
Bountiful spinning, キョウセンベラ, to sleep at night, they sand known.
Is also kind to hibernate during the.
Color varies so much Bella, vivid colors, from a male and female.
アオベラ said is female is male, and acquavella. However, is also performed along with the growth of transsexual. Skin is slimy and and.


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