[Fishing] turbot fishing

Fish on a flat body, color, surface and white surfaces below, on the surface have at least two eyes, has a unique shape. Under the belly and eyes saying right to fish, so is flounder.

Just offshore on body, imitate the color of the body color around the habit. Must also cover the sand out of the eyes, quietly waiting for food.
In fact, flounder was born in eyes on both sides of the body as well as other fish, is and would like to next to the body to grow it by one side of the. And the reason for this has dived in the sand for making say.
Abode of the flounder is mingled with nendoroid and sand Bay. Grittiness and seaweed the submarine around and cache Gary ( submarine became like the Hill, toward the shore.
The great aim of spinning and ) are turned away. Feed lot are lugworms and even wave will bicoloratus or type of fish, such as the tranquil Bay.
Therefore flounder as fishing bait, lugworms would best.


Bicoloratus is a type of fish is common, large flounder, magaly fishing in the North of Japan. Flounder is fine enough fish in the North, unlike other fish, cold water.
Basic winter is Festival time.
Magaly begins as in the Kanto region, from December. Looking for the feed on the shallow bicoloratus coast where comes up. Usually will prevail until around April.


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