At a barbeque fire marking chimney starter

Fire, tried to practice or how you make marking is more efficient.

End barbecue season has been about cold, so I afraid that Tuesday to prepare for next season in an efficient afraid I thought sit-ups. In the primary barbecue fire is intended for use in the revitalized saying sight better fan by fan cobblestone after ignition agents with charcoal and, this is less efficient because it is. It is certainly sometime Tuesday, to ワイワイ all good. However, hungry I’m getting hungry, will you still cannot fire the barbarous. Chimney Starter is using here. Is simply say Web and cylindrical in, put coal here, put on the barbecue, ignited in the newspaper and sown under fire around the coal. In the chimney effect efficiently fire can be spotlighted. Outdoor shop, where hand oneself in shop 100 yen is likely to come.


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