Hey Pat, Park dating

Best dating Park to Rumble at the lawn especially from better weather this time. So much by the way chess with her and would fall, and Pat 浸れます mood.

First, pick a good climate, such as spring and Autumn period. Since insects and especially grass growth in condition not yet extend from summer mid autumn, fly less positively games also will reduce interference.
Is anything the chessboard is good glass for Interior and great for indoor use, blown by the wind without less.
So can be suddenly colder climate is good, Let’s prepare mini blanket or rug.
Boyfriend, her best is chess opponents most, less than my boyfriend, he women less not even issue.
So you can shrink the distance between opponents in teach yourself chess, though interested in chess is rule is stranger still is good.
If you bring sweets and homemade lunch money to enjoy so much without a rather active. However, guarding the Manor and park eating fingers.


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