8 Dan Kendo passed the 1% rate

8 Dan Kendo examination passed the 1% rate

Have a grade system begins from the first stage depending on the skill proficiency as well as other martial arts in the all Japan Kendo Federation. Stage 8 is located in the highest grade in the system.
Which in turn would get from the first stage, training period of 10 years must pass after the 7-stage and even the shortest to the 46-year-old obtained 8-stage examination qualifications.
8-Stage criteria “mystery 通暁 kendo, mature, skill in the circle of MILF” Reviewed 2 times a year, will be held in Tokyo and Kyoto. There is low acceptance rate only be strict examination. Examination is open to the public, and made practice for in situ only in absolute target. Not determined or give some candidates and only Council who met the criteria to pass.
To review turned down the name of the incoming Council of the eminence and experience in past tournaments not considered at all. Training swordsman became 8 Dan in the League that year. 4 Days until judgement method and general education, sports medicine widely to acquire broad knowledge course, suitable for the pinnacle of Kendo. The Federation are aimed at “best workmanship wearing body, have become the Supreme Leader”. 上りつめて 8-stage that no training ends. Kendo life attracted enthusiasts for the elderly as a sports said from attraction to no more than winning or losing at the end of training also.


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