Foam plenty! How to pour beer

Want to enjoy the bubbles drink shops, plenty of beer at home!
Who is said to How to easily drain the 7:03 golden ratio beer ordinary glass in the House introduce in step 3.

Materials required

  • Your favourite beer
  • Tall glass of high


  1. VITE pour from a slightly higher position just above the glass and foam at the top of the glass came off.
  2. Foam and beer, is a half wait 1 ~ 2 minutes bubbles come up at the top of the glass in the middle of the glass, slowly and 注ぎ足します.
  3. Top foam calms down a little pour beer gently from the rim of the glass again later.
    And bubbles rose completed in Nice! ( will focus increasingly shift photos. )

Notes and tips

  • Although beer chilled, Kinkel at the back of the refrigerator, cups can pretty dry stuff of fine bubbles.
  • When first poured into the wait anyway panic! Early drinking you want! Thought and put up with more delicious!


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