[Overseas] seduction repel method in traveling

Nagging seduction would embarrass female traveling. Childhood is difficult to want to refuse understood environments and also.

And to travel abroad with other women, would the seduction comes too near.
Welcome tourists, from has come gunning it. And want to refuse such a thing when I refused because I do not know the words… I especially when, in this OK
繋げましょう: after the “I’m sorry” and “No Thank You”.
“you are not my type” “Type I don’t” mean? Definitely take said. Seems I’m too clearly and without pulse and opponent know is find next. You don’t need to worry about.
“I’m married” Means is that I’m “married”. Probably don’t care to dabble in married person.
Shimaimashou to say without timidity and resolute attitude. Can you help me away quite properly not and assertiveness.


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