[Overseas] be careful in such fashion

Japan and abroad differs considerably. It is said about the dress.

You never watched the news wearing a t-shirt printed on a strange kanji foreigners? Kanji means I don’t know, but unusual shape would wear felt good. However, to read the little rude while electronics back and comes.
But this is something like Japanese to travel abroad. It is English printed t-shirts is not uncommon. Looking from the side that read you okay, but I read the laughing one.
However, it is nice once it get away with laughter at. What particularly International Affairs also quite violent in recent years.
It is also improbable seen by eyes to the image of army one is just tough talk. Japan is a safe country from such foolish talk and いいきれません that seems to be the overseas also is so.
Rather, the overseas Japan and the same sense that, we recommend travel. If not want to cause trouble in one of the fashion, should we read in English printed on shirts and emblem.


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