[Travel] typical attractions in Hyogo Prefecture and theme list

This is a list of typical attractions in Hyogo Prefecture and theme parks.

-Kobe night view
There are many places at night, while Kobe night view is called the “$ 1 million” night has gained a high reputation. 20000 People is available within the Island House, Park, amusement and exhibition and tied by port liner Sannomiya Center City is.
The main Zoo
-OJI Zoo
-Himeji Zoo -Himeji Central Park
The main Aquarium
-Suma Beach Aquarium
Kinosaki marine world -Himeji Aquarium
The main theme
-Kobe スィーツハーバー
-People and disaster prevention future Center
-Tezuka Osamu Museum
-Awaji ONOKORO establishments Himeji-credit mountain amusement park


Hyogo Prefecture is also a professional baseball team, and delicious food such as Kobe beef.

Visit with your family, holiday?. System of government travel, stay here

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