[Travel] typical tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan-theme list

This is a list of typical tourist destinations in Osaka, and theme parks.

Bugaku-4 tennoji spirit Association
 4 Tennoji and Osaka, tennoji-Ku, South, shōtoku built, 593. Bugaku played rock stage in Hall 6: 4/22 the death of the Prince of spirits is important intangible folk cultural property, too.
The main Zoo
-Misaki Park
-Tennoji Zoo -May Mountain Zoo
The main Aquarium
-Osaka / Osaka Aquarium -Waterworks Museum
The main theme
Universal Studios Japan
Umeda Joypolis and
-Osaka Dome City
-Osaka takoyaki Museum
-Hirakata Park
Kansai cycle Sports Center -Sea of Naniwa space-time


Representing the Japan after the Tokyo Metropolitan as still continues development of Osaka.

Visit with your family, holiday?. System of government travel, stay here

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