Featured cherry blossom spot for Akita Prefecture

Japan national flower garden is the best.

Japan national flower garden is the best.

Spring cherry blossom, is best in the Japan national flower garden in the Akita Prefecture, of course
 Help to explore the wide park slowly, is the very best spots.
Who, that wants to walk in nature and will go until the mountaineering,

Is very recommended for parks.
   Japan national flower garden official HP?? http://yuusv08.town.ikawa.Akita.jp/Kok/map.html

Senshu Park is a cherry.

Chiaki walk from Akita station, take 5 minutes at the Park
 And the spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Also, at that time so far since opening day also will be opened,

Park is recommended travel to Akita cherry blossom, please Chiaki.
   System of Government, Senshu Park official HP http://www.senshuu-Kouen.com/


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