[Travel / travel] prepared the lone traveling by car

My child expect may also travel for the first time I “is this? “And you’ll also feel uneasy.
Long-awaited trip is family fun. To leave a lot of good memories, first family trip from holding the worries about points Ghazali let’s depart.

Check the destination

If you have a car just before departure as well, remember where settings until the day before.
And aside, destination route flight is smooth.
Time taken to or and would set in before departure day and took time, and where roads through early decision. If you use car navigation also let’s told Bewitched to prepare the review or firmly, through which the road of map, sit in the passenger seat.

How to spend in the car

Travel by car is waiting for not being”what” most concerns.
Splendid seat, seat adults admire the view from the window and destination stories, enjoy no child is really boring.
Wait no and weep when you also cannot concentrate on driving is dangerous because if DVD features, including navigation fallow show favorite DVD, eat sweets to spend good will. And we takes care to the temperature of the Interior. Feel in the driver’s seat, front passenger’s seat and the temperature in the seat are different. If particularly children to sleep, so easy poker sweat I’ll be careful especially.

Now is time to

Useful for thinking when stuck in traffic jams and the adults bring mobile toilets are recommended are.
When the toilet as well as used to vomit, car sickness Let’s prepare for children.
Always carry a copy of the certificate of insurance or insurance injury or sudden fever on a trip, in preparation for is important. Surprising and children is sensitive to environmental changes in drinking water was not suitable to cause ill. So ask is like wearing no matter how well a force majeure is ready to be consultation at any time.


To like things just won’t leave home without it is. Sometimes the children is always a good car it travel and tension changes and surprising flexibility to spend.
It is good to firmly advance preparation, and spend fun family trip.


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