The production would be strongly

Presentation, such as testing or sports games, presentations and business. Lot called an important production and life time will come.
To work when you exercise, work in production…
Also, do not like Introducing the way I think strengthens the production.

Tried the usual practice with good results! Don’t think

If a test “to the madness!
」 If the game or presentation “tried the 120% and 100%! “And is too 意気込み.
Try the best!
And put the first put up, the more
Starting test, game announcements and something now at has mistakes Lead to depressed and 焦ったり more than necessary.
Objective test, is a “pass line” may consider it.
For example if the pass line was six to seven percent, take out that problem not configured will.
Like solving solvable in the consciousness that moment and gently mistaken is okay, the firm Let us be conscious.
Confidence, find there showing some announcement and presentation of To leave for its part is the result of consciously let.
In successful where confidence is a place where you can Impatience and negative thoughts of production in fewer, better in the total result leads to.

Familiarize yourself with the status of the production

As one of the tension in the production of Environment different from the usual “.
-People are a lot around the
Rants are not places to go for the first time Use a tool different from the usual
And can put the environment different from the usual Concentration choked by it.
Very able prepared for production hall, to delay the train.
焦ったり, compared to their speed of answer from the sound of pencil the person sitting next to the test. Sound 出なかったり well, the unusual instruments and lighting.
Mistakes due to unusual “kanokon, think was” and Likely to be mentally subjected to damage.
Or, go to advance production venue
Like effectual taste similar to the production of tension, try out
And tools used in the production or let me use advance I think key to familiarize State close to the status of the production strengthens the production.

Until production is not

You can’t go wrong with no care during production, it could happen that is zero.
However, if the production doesn’t end when it happened,
Would you give up is important.
Once, and would “again, no?” Concentration even more invasive ended to the だせず ability would likely going down.
Give up until the end of may can make up in an unexpected place. Without abandoning hope, anyway try keep until the end.


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