[Art] was surprised to be cool “new prints”

I’d been researching about the prosperity of the Ukiyo-e is a “new prints”, was drawn to the beauty.

So-called Ukiyo-e, minutely seorak 36 to of Katsushika Hokusai and Hiroshige’s Tokaido know everybody.
Ukiyo-e became whether these many produced since the Edo period,?
Looked like it is learned there is a “new prints”. This is a woodcut evolved from early Showa era.
Is the painter painted the picture first Ukiyo-e production process is the artist carved the Tarot template, sliding nurse bimonthly paper tamago, “new prints” is produced by the Edo period Ukiyo-e prints and similar techniques. The woodcut was the temporary decline in new techniques raised going to people who were.
These prints look, I was impressed composition and newness of its modernity and beauty, subject to impact.
Is ever like the humor and whimsy of Utagawa Kuniyoshi interests was woodcuts, called “new prints” and be able to find another way to enjoy.


Looking at these works, and I felt our era was transformed to Tokyo from the Edo period. Such exhibitions were at please try once to try putting.


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