[Art] why was born Mona Lisa smile

Masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is a thin smile smiles lips, is also very famous.
Tight like this mouth some mysterious smile was born why? Incidentally is the model of the Mona Lisa Gioconda Florence millionaire’s wife Elisabeth and said, has the meaning “my Elisabetta” and “Mona Lisa”.

This picture is the one she painted about 27 years old and from the 24-year-old four years, from 1503.
Is da Vinci spent four years produced, have taken the facial expressions of the same model so long so impossible.
Da Vinci なぐさめよう Elisabetta bored, so invited musician and clown atelier. With Elisabeth of まぎらわそう to this strategy, it is worked or didn’t work, or has that subtle smile.


That smile is a smile not smile, rather that bear the sorrow, and even more different theory theory. One that it would culminate the child during the time just because Elisabetta was lost children at the time, it has become the model, and the doom and gloom in the expression.
Anyway, although writing Mona Lisa “smile” in kanji,, “微(かす)か a smile” is a “slight smile” just maybe there’s maybe.



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