[Gardening] raising Portulaca grandiflora

Portulaca blooms in midsummer, regardless it looks very strong vitality. So simple why grow?


  1. -Seeding
    Do seeding time of around 4-5, was warm. Is distribute seeds soil intact.
    However, placing the location until because may is fine because it jumps in the wind, not the wind, and 芽吹いたら, which is better. As budding very easy and should not trouble.
  2. And to raise Believing friends in sunny place anyway. Grow even in midsummer sunlight sunny places.
    Other flower midsummer sunlight avoiding many good will. From soil to dry water. It is flower which blooms in midsummer, is strong to dryness. Rather too much given the water caused root rot.
  3. And care Wouldn’t a degree, I’ll picked buds which.
    Then increasing number of branches, shares settled well to many flowers. New blooms flowers daily turnover. Shimaimashou picked the 花がら. Species to make nutrition will be taken. When you make a seed if you leave a little fine.


Keep let the summer anyway is a strong life force grows flowers. Let’s raise much just put your hands feeling. I will add to the summer flower.


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