[Gardening] foster spiraea thunbergii

Spiraea thunbergii arch branch blooms of many white flowers. As the name suggests, has a appearance as snow like the thick willow.


  1. -Plant Plantings are around 2-3, will be just fine.
    If visitors do 11-12. Good drainage of the soil. Will grow without fertilizers, branch will become thinner.
    Firm and want to enjoy the deadwoods cast, if you mix the fertilizer soil better. 植え付けます what was adopted. How breeds is easy. Just dug up from the ground when the branch to be the same number is divided into two. Safe take so even slightly, hurt the roots and root.
  2. And to raise It grows in sunny, airy place.
    Sunny is bad and bad growth, even with flowers is safer because no better with sunny. Strong, cold, especially cold protection is not required.
    And leaves, fall, leaf fall, winter and winter only in branches. Water topsoil fish Spears and generous tips.
    Winter somewhat sparingly to remember. When terribly dry summer except don’t need especially if areas planted.
  3. And care
    And it expands the branch, so let it branches covered with turned would.
    So give adverse effects such as this is not bad to look worse and airy, Sun shines through reasonably keep seedling branches. Old shares with flowers more branches withered and become worse.
    So, leaving 30 cm from pruning to put out new branches predestination Renault shares. This shimaimashou do until the may flowers done since. Is best avoided because ready to spring it branches of later is done.


Easy to grow, leave alone if planted area also will bloom clean snow like thick willow spring. Increasing branch and let it be a long time, impact and growth but look also tends to be worse.
Forget cleaning grow more important. The bloom each year, clean will add to the garden.


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