[Gardening] Lily’s upbringing

みせん brought up the beautiful big flower blooms from summer to summer lilies?


  1. And plant bulbs May grow from seed varieties, less commonly, no.
    Basically will bulbs. Also Saturday in what basic clay quality than what you’re okay.
    Before planting let’s mix 3% as mulch. Bulbs are dry, weak, purchased early planting.
    Keep put the bulbs, put if not planted now, damp sand bags. When planting a Garden Bowl 20 cm depth, if let to a depth of 10 or more. On the bulbs and to root out from under the 育ちません on root and shallow.
  2. And to raise
    High temperature in summer is poor, grows in place, half-shade, or too hot to shine. Dry the poor water and plenty. In some cases use litter such as summer.
  3. -Pest notes From spring the caterpillars change is often eaten the leaves.
    In addition, also tsbomi is exploited in the slug.
    As soon as found, let’s clean insecticides, etc. Diseases as diseases of Botrytis. Experiencing the Let’s prevent declassified fungicide from is slow, so before the rainy season.


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