[Gardening] there rose

Good luck with bright flowers from the container culture holidays and popular rose. It is a stylish addition to the beauty of the garden.


  1. Care of the rose Adonis is purchased from the origination of the name of December was too many. What is sold in these bowls, is adjusted the flowers according to the new year.
    So, things of that nature is little slow 2-4, and flowering. If you want blooms flower ornamental, let’s put such a sunny windowsill. I have the nature of the closed flowers and sunlight hit the rose is blooming, and Yang. It is becomes harder to bloom in shady places. Varieties more resistant to cold and saying, indeed will wither and cold too.
    Careful. Water watering frequency topsoil is dry.
    When flowers are in bloom especially because water is easily lost careful management of water. Is the timing of stem and leaves when growing placing the flowers after the garden.
    Careful to not hurt the roots. In summer and sleep in the shade half.
  2. -Increase it
    If you want to increase the rose can breeds or seeding. 11, Was replanted when fingers are breeds. Digging deeper roots to prevent scratching, separate EPS 5-6 shares much. Withers and too much finer classification or grew up.
    Roots that never gets dry Yodo fancy gap compost to 植えましょう quickly. Black soon 蒔きましょう for seeding.
  3. -Pest notes As the sickness is rolfsii.
    Blight is a slug. White silk disease is disease-prone in the summer. It covered the exceeded RMB white yarn, slowed growth, will finally wither.
    When sorry is that stocks are, avoid and sat for a while, then.
    Soil microorganisms, cause, so it is important to sunlight to disinfect plowing sat well with clean soil, such as prevention. Slugs have come from early spring, and will eat shoots. Beer drinking into the Cup, leaving or to capture the 撒きましょう insecticide.


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