[Gardening] raising saga

Saga is a perennial Evergreen iridaceae. It only on flowers such as IRIS, slender leaf appearance is nice. Brought so very easy to grow but why?


  1. -Plant
    育てず saga is from seeds and breeds in. When planting your shallow planting of 植えず Rhizome deeply, hidden in the ground.
    The better the airflow.
    From its is a dry, dry giving water first you rooted even tolerable.
    Colder except for timing of planting at any time is okay. Once a 根付けば anyway so high adaptability to grow.
  2. -Grooming Soil dry feeling somewhat recommended in light shade. But basically 根付けば, will adapt everywhere.
    However, not suitable for the cold. Flowers will be thought in one day. But keep especially safely intact, but it looks like bad let spectator 花がら.
    And you also fail to beauty so withered leaves spectator would be better. No fertilizer is required. You good cheer as not you give a small dose of compost.
  3. -Pest notes Not particularly plagued by disease and pests. The basic powers of flowers, so if you would like and putting insecticides such as good long?


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