[Hot springs] is effective in cancer and Onsen cure Rena woman swamp hot springs of the Buddha

Introduction to Spa, and effective for cancer

Buddha reigen woman Mina Valley Springs is in the Gunma prefecture Minakami
It is a venerable bokusui also can be visited was Uesugi Kenshin’s hidden hot springs 0/1917 springs.
Transparent colorless, tasteless and odorless diabetes, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction and ventilation Alkaline simple spring.
Organic germanium containing said with the anti-cancer effect (rate 0.257 kg)
He and minutely that miraculously healed diseases such as a-bomb disease and cancer.
Cannot operate on partly deserted doctor who comes with a lot
Made one too many, Kansai and Kyushu and comes from quite far away.
Tamagawa hot springs also one question., Rena woman Valley Hot Springs and even wants to cure disease ” Strong-willed people we come more.


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