How warmed “fired three” defend themselves from the cold in the winter camp

It has outdoor season doesn’t matter. Or you could probably challenge mountaineering and camping as one of the new hobby, from the cold.
We introduce the warmed “fired three” even in cold winter, and protect themselves from cold in the winter camping trick.

Neck, wrists, and ankles

This time, fired three to warm-up and is neck, wrist, ankle.
Because blood warmed up by warming the large arteries in the neck as well as there, said that it revives, core body, fit the end of the cold.

Warm up the neck”

Air heated by the heat of the body, away from the collar outside and reverse it enters the cold air.
It said chimney effect in clothing. Trunk (chest and stomach and innards) cools the human body, and to save a limb blood flow and gather in the center of the body. So is it cool the body.
Muffler, lid to stacks of clothes, 逃がしません temperature of the body. Blood flowing 温かければ executive body, through the limbs, it just increases the barnyard millet.

Warm up the “wrist”

‘S wrist because they are hidden in clothing, have been surprisingly perfunctory. Only the wrists warm up it might be difficult.
I think good twist, scarf and large handkerchief as one long gloves and fashion also.
Hand warmer and sold recently, あたためましょう firmly around here.

Warm up the “ankle”

Ankle would place relatively easy warm-up.
Connecting items equipped. Double wear thick socks, socks, leg warmers, let’s twist, paste the sock Cairo post, wear the shoes of the Hyatt.
To send warm blood on finger tips in addition to the ankles, warm calves are foot if effective.


I think or prepare a meal during the cold winter camp, and to explore the many.
This is the point connecting arteries, round the warm blood to the body can protect themselves from the cold. Come, try practice please.


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