How to warm up in the shoe

Cold is a must-see!

When wearing shoes and shoes during warm, toes chill may prevent an easy way. In this way, or in more normal to wear shoes, shoes and warm, slightly cold measures will.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is providing.
Official name is the kicker.
Packaging is often packed boxes or for shock absorption,
Divide those bubble wrap and bubble wrap is the round air ball.
Cut around it into the shoes of the shoes of celluloid as is.
And that to put a foot on the.

It’s OK.
Bubble wrap and warm temperature by collecting heat air layer
Little shoes of temperature may increase it.
However, a skill that can be surprisingly easy to, bubble wrap will be collapsed by the weight.

It eliminates the effect.
Also because bubble wrap into walking wearing socks, and so すべります shoes in, please be careful. Put the cardboard or newspaper, styrofoam shoes in bubble wrap other effect may somewhat.


How to warm the feet which easily.
It is putting what shoes only.
And that what is “hot pepper”.
Turn on whole pepper.
Foot comes to ポカポカ it. However, please note may live too far and the tingling becomes so.


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