[Beauty] how close is bath instead

暖まったり further, when bath and put things bath, have a relaxing mood.
Habit of yuzu bath has the winter solstice, しょうぶ湯 5/5 from the old, lots of things closer to a put is in addition to the bath, beauty and health.
Purchase commercial bath is also enjoy 10 minutes way. Some will introduce the bath than high by Mono, so might be ashikarazu.

Japanese sake

Sake turn cooler bath 500 ml around.
Metabolism is better than just into ordinary bath. Effect of beauty because often fragrant, skin and moist.

Red wine

From half a bottle one rank up.
Vitamin working improves blood circulation, warms the body. In addition to refreshing smoother skin will be.


Turn on the 1-2 liters of milk bath. Moisturizing, is famous and liked the Cleopatra milk bath, your skin will be slick.


Natural salt minerals 1 only dissolve a pinch of salt water to bathe in, metabolism and often further the diet. Effects like is is a luxury natural salt.


Turn on the dried radish leaves finely chigiri-e put the bags such as gauze.
Vitamins and minerals rich in radish leaves, in addition, chloride and sulfide ions
It includes any hot ingredients. Lagging effect because the cold effect.

Mandarin oranges

Turn on things such as gauze bag into skin dried orange rind, about 20 minutes.
The body will warm cold prevention. Orange citrus scent spreads bath and relaxing effect.


Turn on the ginger thinly, put bags such as gauze.
Further worry bag and Ginger flavor and enjoy. Metabolism is well 温まれば well and be 湯冷め prevention.

Essential oils

Bathtub turn drops the oils of peppermint.
Scent of Mint, the spread, nose is much better. Try a cold or hay fever season.


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