Summer flu measures

Will be prone to cold winter like in summer temperatures and humidity are high!
Modern disease and excessive water intake and loss relationship such as a cooler disease immunity, such as virus infection, cold.
9 Percent, from about 8 percent of summer colds because virus infection, said at least 200 or more number of viruses! As a representative and エンデロ viruses and アンデロ viruses.
(エンデロ = gut, adenovirus = any)
Stomach cold summer comes “is considered by this virus.
Followed by diarrhea and abdominal pain is a defensive reaction to and attempt to craps with flights were bred in the intestinal virus. Is a defensive reaction and fever, as well as heat is also trying to Craps.

How to prevent a cold summer

Rest and sleep, meals and as a summer cold prevention, telling Bill かりと, intending to orderly life is important.
Difficult in temperature regulation, because hot time tend to lose strength and bathing improve metabolism using coolers such as well do make comfortable environment is one way.
However, it is useless too chilled!
Summer, okra is commonly eaten Edamame, tofu, sticky, Yam, natto is perfect for this time of high protein, low fat, high calorie food. Everyone be careful health management, 乗り切りましょう hot summer.


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