How to increase Visual acuity vision inspection

Body measurement of vision inspection, about 0.2 to 0.3 are tricks that can easily increase.
This useful effect because when too much at the same time and can be used at the auto license update, game and stroke sine qua non eyes has gone bad, I thought. All you need is one finger.


  1. Way stand finger (just barely fit the focus distance) at the 5-10 cm from the eyes before the eyes, easy.
    There, see (which is far away and out of the window) distant the next moment, the Pinto.

    At this time, please 細めないで the eyes.
    Leave wide-eyed eyes, in force into the eyes feel effective.
    Saw the distant 1-2 seconds, also the focus in front of finger.

    I do this about 20 times, recover sight.

    Incidentally, it is called this way, the sight recovery training of distance training.
    So the doors of your computer screen, when the eyes are tired and, to training, including overkill of the game when,

    You can prevent worse eyesight. However, once also tries to recover the sight got worse in this way is junior high school students, difficult as it is.


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