Felting tips

Select the tool first important about farting.
By choosing the needle felt mats, felt difficulty and finish makes the difference. So can be upgraded in a little work, if you try.

Materials required

  • Wool felt, needle, Matt


  1. Recently popular felting is pretty settled and hair comes out and モワモワ. To form, I think there are a lot of those with problems such as the needle broke away.
    So it will be considerably improved material they choose, I would like to introduce. First is felt wool materials of the type there are many. Especially shaggy short featured the beginner stuff to the Flocculent. This is recommended so requires long shaggy and summarize considerable technical first from there. Needle use fine more basic. Also, is Matt pulls down the well written and be substituted, such as this sponge is really useless. Matt is cheap (about 210 yen), so supplies and not the only, what is really in spongy needle easily penetrate under the needle itself is 刺さらない. Using the needle is put straight, pull direction put straight.
    Careful and catching it in another direction since then broken. Take a stab and so made the chewy chunks first become core involving cotton. The flow of the hair along stage interferes. Edge (including the next), always thin to collapse during the turn.
    Straight is the hair is less settled.
    With these basic things about farting are take care comes with very different. Each make a lovely piece.

Notes and tips

  • Say from a book written and not necessarily all true. (Actual teacher saying Bon voyage was)


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