[Trading card game: about Yu King dark circles!

Dark field effect is well know… Try here to say and you don’t know what I bought good if I combine Yu card
※ Wrote for beginners dark circles and attracted and want to say so only the most basic things book is is not

First of all the features of dark circles?
Cemetery abandoned and dark circles from the hand is characterized to fire effects For example see dark circles sengokuden “Gordo” effect.
When this card was deserted cemetery by the effects of other cards from the hand, this card myself to summon special on フィーロド. Deserted by the effects of other cards you can destroy the two select card resides on the other field.
Things further can demonstrate effective and thrown to the opponent can be said to
We can make the deck structure decks 2 and 3 box デビルズゲード buy some world-class meeting even
Is included in is not my think is a good, nil “purgatory”
Cannot fire effects thing is writing and note dark circles is, so when the abandoned cemetery send effects. Even if well written and throw deserted cost effective imposition of “nemesis” and “lightning Vortex” also cannot be moved


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