Net terms and line

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

User?? That the main players.
Western games?? That the international game. Made abroad and calls overseas for users of the Western games tend to be.
  To assist lower-level characters thoroughly, pitting and high level enemies You earn experience values such as they made only today.
  There are a lot of players do 2 subsequent play primarily. Don’t force on the first play of the.
A cross sea?? Just as the next.
  While fighting monsters and that, regardless of who to attack the monster.
  Deprived of rights exp and drop items, and feel good like no reason Prone to problems.
  End Manor for management outside of the operation. You’d better nagging obstruct his view had quickly changed places Kariba.
No system of Government credit Damage the player. widgets


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