Guns cleaning method

Introducing the basic guns authorised.

See instructions for blowback guns if, to break their own.
If guns use gunpowder, gunpowder burnt,
削れ BB bullet if you use air guns should remain in Cass, Get rid of dirt in the cylinder cross, thin sticks or chopsticks.
Get rid of the stain rub lightly in toothbrush unnecessary for other parts, etc.. Air spray is effective.
And clean the parts once wipe empty and paint grease to a smooth motion. Grease resistant plastic thing required.
Attention is needed so paint or body flares would melt easily.
If stored in the package at time of purchase, In case of styrofoam melts and sticks to the body of the guns and.
Also its bitter experience and trial results, use silicone grease. It is only about drip!
And then also completed assembled documentation as follows.
Keep under the dust as possible without conditions.


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