[Tropical fish breeding: cheap and easy increase towards Willow Moss

Tropical fish breeding, is good usability and lichen Willow Moss, buy it and considerably expensive. Therefore introduce a homebrew Willow Mossmattes making as a way to easily increase the Willow Moss now in the tank.

Materials required

  • Garden plastics network
  • Oiso gravel
  • Willow Moss
  • Nylon string
  • Big tarai


  1. Buy a plastic Web gardening for home Centre. Pick much gravel does not pass through the mesh.
  2. Cut the Willow Mossmat to established the resin Web tank size doubled in size. It is for example say Willow MossMatt 10 x 20 cm area you want to cut the size of 20 x 20 cm. That is the only the length of the shorter sides of twice.
  3. Is the Web lay oiso gravel spot thin from half to one side. To ōiso gravel used, doesn’t affect water quality after this acid treatment is better.
  4. Is the lay evenly Willow Mossoiso gravel on Willow Moss are always about 1 cm in length, cut and pasted. Is Willow Mossis finely cut leaves leaving mass.
  5. Oiso gravel paved on one side from the middle of the net, the Willow Mossa cut above the fold Web sandwich Willow Mossand gravel by winding round nylon string from the outside and fixed. Just make it creates.
  6. 10 Cm water large tarai, only put the Willow Mossmat. From the top transparent trash lids and bags, or wraps. If you put in the room light illuminating from the top, occurs in the sunlight hits best in if you can put out so far.
  7. If sunlight is Willow Mossmat available lights about 1 months 2 weeks long.

Notes and tips

  • Willow Moss is relatively temperature, strong, because in midsummer and Midwinter focus sunlight outdoors is ideal.


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