Encouraging male kimono

Male kimono feel free to enjoy is the recycling clothing Renaissance.
Reuse of clothing was a mainstream kimono, from the Edo period. Get kimono items of USED goods NET, yet NET age male kimono to enjoy!


  1. Senior women’s attire, upscale clothing, dressing, though in like kimono, etc. and the General image kimono. The most opportunity especially clothes in about 2 degrees only once lifetime in ceremonial occasions, for men, is not.

    Or, image of the restroom Springs, luxurious daywear, summer yukata kimono, saying only it わかないで. Indeed, kimono to bespoke high and expensive Draper and carry foot eye popping like expensive staff encouraged to come in high grade material mouth “thing is good it is”.

    Kimono, and made in China Southeast Asia made of say “ Regal fashion”defeat depression now age everyone likes cheap mass production of clothing and get. Commoners in the Edo era had been battered by the recession in over 260 years of repeated, doing various reuse in the clothing was enjoying life. Clothing of course re-use, “ old ” was a mainstream clothing. As it is repeated once tailored kimono, if no longer used as a clothing was utilized in various scenes of everyday. In a Word, and kimono and clothing culture of re-use.

    Of ‘Mottainai’ is the symbol of Japan recycled culture. Most of the items required for kimono in enough clothes = USED products. Versatile Internet nowadays, dealing with second-hand clothing shops and auction sites, hyakka ryoran.

    Enough advantage as male kimono items get root. Male kimono is “too much material to any” said that seems important. Synthetic or wool or crease, in kimono grace at least instead of expensive silk material can be expressed enough. “Good things” than to choose “what good color matching and comfort” is a point of male kimono. Since ancient times, with Samurai fashion “gnawed ”, is is by devoted to simple harmony away.

Notes and tips

  • When men to 和装 as a walking clothes, dress stands must wear a hakama and haori.
  • Has been doing three kinds 袷, AA, and thin clothes throughout the year, generally in kimono.
  • -Inverness, (enters sppori kimono sleeves coat) 角袖 as a kimono coat ( aka; Tomb, 19-century Western overcoat ) there.
  • What size clothes are clearly say no. Suitable for their height (vertical) and look for a fit body sleeve (side half) dimensions.
  • Kimono underwear and juban is available to substitute with yukata or 甚兵衛 gahou.


Male kimono is rather extravagant fashion celebrity hobbies, and cultural activities to promote traditional culture reconstruction and reuse of resources. Seasonal coloring may into lifestyle clothing according to the four seasons of nature.

Cool and warm in winter, various kimono devise increasingly heaps of summer. Knowledge required for starting the male kimono ( dressing, fold and care and clothes and store ), most on the Internet site can be viewed. And the kimono also requires available in Internet shop or auction site at an affordable price. True and welcome era who over the years have been especially love male kimono.


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